Scientific work

Welcome to the blog Scientific Work for Students & PhD Students. At Mentorium, we help students write their term paper, term paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis, and diploma thesis. As a doctoral student, you will also find interesting and important information as well as tips for writing your dissertation. In addition, you can jump directly to a topic of your choice via the table of contents. Within a section “Scientific Work”, you can easily work through the right-hand menu chapter by chapter. In addition, there is a list on the right side of each page containing the most important tips and topics for writing a thesis.

Scientific work – tips & examples

All important tips for writing a paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis and dissertation can be found here! In our guide blog, you will find all important topics: From topic search, planning, finding the right supervisor, literature research, paper writing help , quoting, layout according to specifications, printing + binding and publishing a scientific work. In our blog Scientific Work you will find all the important tips.

We also look forward to your feedback if you miss topics that interest you. Our eBook Scientific work is alive, i. We update and improve it based on your feedback and that of other readers. It is written for students and doctoral students and lives from your feedback.

Scientific work – housework, bachelor thesis, master thesis

Scientific work – writing homework

Our blog Scientific Work supports students in writing a term paper and term paper. Also in our knowledge database you will find many tips, checklists and examples of your housework. Here is the entry on this blog: write a housework!

Write a bachelor thesis – everything for scientific work

You have to write your bachelor thesis and ask yourself how that works and what you have to consider? Find an entry for your bachelor thesis here. Also in our very extensive knowledge database you will find tips on the bachelor thesis and everything to find a topic, planning, structure of a bachelor thesis, correct citation and much more. Working scientifically can also be fun!

Scientific work – writing a master thesis

The bachelor thesis is now two or more years ago. Writing a master’s thesis is now a bit more time-consuming. You will see that it is worth doing everything right from the start. Think carefully about your topic, make no compromises in planning, the source work, the excerpt and the correct quoting. Correctly scientific work not only helps you with your master’s thesis, but also in the academic professional life.

Scientific work – writing a dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a very lengthy process. The entrance should be well thought out and gepant. Anyone who does not properly restrict the topic or the research question at the beginning and focuses on it can have many problems later on.

Scientific work – tips and tricks

  • Relevance and clarity of the research question for scientific work
  • Scientific work: logic and red thread of the structure
  • Transparency and selection of sources for scientific work
  • Scientific work: objectivity and objectivity of the arguments
  • literature

Scientific work in the paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation is initially for many a book with seven seals. However, it sounds wonderfully serious and of course absolutely indispensable in the study. But: What exactly does it mean to work scientifically from the introduction to the main part to the conclusion? And how does it work? The first chores are a good time to find out. However, anyone who does not want to stumble from chapter to chapter with vague half-knowledge is best advised to follow the following basic rules.